Best Project Management Software

Streamline all your projects, task assignments from one central location and communicate as a team to get more tasks done in less time.

Manage & Accomplish Projects Like Never Before

  • Get to success faster with smart project and task management.

  • Seamlessly collaborate, work, and win together as a team.

  • See the big picture with data visualizations & Gantt charts.

  • Always be in control of all projects with intelligent reports and analytics.

best project management software

Project Management

Take control of all of your projects while keeping everyone aligned and fully aware of all tasks and statuses at all times, allowing you to focus on what’s essential to meet deadlines.

project management


Collaborate with your teammates and get work done faster with advanced project management and collaboration features.

file sharing

File Sharing

Share documents, images, screenshots, and much more with just a few clicks.

email notification

Email Notification

Get notified every time any action happens so that you can be on top of any activity.

project templates

Project Templates

Use built-in templates to create projects for your teams and save time.

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Task Management

Organize your tasks with a versatile task management tool for managing, sorting, assigning, and following help desk inquiries.

task management
task monitoring

Task Monitoring

Monitor how tasks are performed and make decisions by keeping track of the entire tasks at a central location.

visual planning

Visual Planning

Make project planning more interesting by getting visual assistance and important information visually.



Communicate better with team members by making comments on tasks and updating status.

progressive customization

Progressive Customization

Add various task customization to make task management more robust and feature-friendly.

automated notifications

Automated Notifications

Get notified for all assigned tasks so that you never miss any tasks.

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Agile Management

Build fast and launch often using Agile project management methodology. With the ability to include the Agile approach into your projects, your team will be able to accomplish more in less time and focus on continuous improvement.

agile management
kanban view

Kanban View

Drag and drop tasks to different stages and makes changes with the speed of light.

sprint planning

Sprint Planning

Plan your sprints well in advance with robust sprint planning features that help you keep track of all activities.

project iterations

Project Iterations

Manage project iterations for better project management and improved team performance.

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Advanced Reporting

Discover project bottlenecks, streamline execution, and get to project success faster with insightful reports and actionable analytics.

advanced reporting
burndown charts

Burndown Charts

See project progress in burndown charts to get an overview of how the sprint is getting performed.

task reporting

Task Reporting

Get in-depth details about how teams are performing on assigned tasks.

project overview

Project Overview

View project progress and its performance so that you can make changes to make it even better.

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Working Remotely

Be in in-charge of all of your projects and well-align the overall departments.

working remotely
connect and collaborate

Connect and Collaborate

Connect and collaborate with your team for effective team management when working remotely.

my tasks

My Tasks

Go through the assigned tasks under my tasks to check the status of the activities and update them in real-time.

status updates

Status Updates

Get real-time status updates of the activities assigned to the team in real-time while working remotely.



Customized and pre-defined templates help you to kickstart the project hassle-free.

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Powerful Automations

Spend less time on routine manual work. Let Projectsly do it for you to streamline processes, make sure your team doesn’t miss critical steps, and deliver value faster with your Powerful Automation.

powerful automations
save time for routines

Save Time For Routines

Use rules to automate repetitive tasks and invest more on defining strategies. Save huge on time.

set your own rules

Set Your Own Rules

Here's the magic - define custom rules in seconds using our builder. Make sure your teams follow them rightly without missing any of them.

predefined templates

Predefined Templates

We have made job easier for you by designing templates for your projects and processes. You can also create your custom templates.

automated email notifications

Automated Email Notifications

Personalize your email list. Send automated emails based on your requirement. Daily reports and timely email updates help you excelling in projects by reaching desired goals.

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