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best project management software

Kanban Board

Track tasks like sticky notes through every stage of the work process. Improve the transparency of your work processes with boards.

kanban board
add categories

Add Categories

Include a specific category with a name to list out all tasks that belong to the category, so that they can be segmented and all tasks are completed on time.

add tasks

Add Tasks

Assign tasks to team members giving due dates, status, and priority levels by adding tasks to the specific categories.

drag and drop tasks

Drag and Drop Tasks

Drag and drop the tasks to specific boards to update the status of the tasks. Create a new category to further categorize the tasks.

task priority and due date

Task Priority and Due Date

State the level of task priority status by mentioning High, Medium or Low along with assigning due dues to the team to complete the tasks.

task dependency

Task Dependency

Make flows by adding dependencies to tasks that need to be completed before moving forward.

group tasks

Group Tasks

Organize your categories and tasks by Status, Priority, Category or Due Date.

sort tasks

Sort Tasks

Assign each category and task a priority based on its creation date, status, assignor or due date.

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Prepare a list of tasks and responsibilities that need to be completed and prioritize them in an organized manner.

add category

Add Category

Add a specific category with a name to list out all the tasks that come under the category, to make a proper segmentation and complete all tasks on time.

add task

Add Task

Add tasks to the specific categories created with task names and assign them to team members giving due dates, status and priority levels.

task status and priority

Task Status and Priority

State the level of task status by mentioning New, Ongoing, Completed or Overdue along with the priority level of High, Medium or Low.

task dependency

Task Dependency

Create a flow by adding dependencies to tasks that need a completed task before continuing.

grouping tasks

Grouping Tasks

Get a clear view of your categories and tasks based on Status, Priority, Category or Due dates.

sorting tasks

Sorting Tasks

Sort all the categories and tasks based on the Date created, Status, Priority, Assignee or Due date.

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Gantt Chart

Plan, manage, and monitor tasks and resources in a project using visual representation of bar chart. Plan ETAs for the tasks, know the dependencies, and level of priority of task completions.

gantt chart
set dates to track

Set Dates to Track

Make the Gantt chart reflect the progress of all the tasks based on the given dates so that you can see if you can meet the deadlines.

switch views

Switch Views

Choose your preferred view: Task view shows the status of all tasks assigned to teams, and User view shows the status of tasks of individual member.

export chart

Export Chart

Share Gantt chart report in your choice of format (JPEG, PNG, SVG) or print them in the form of a PDF file.

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Review all tasks assigned to team members on specific days and determine if the team can meet the deadline.

task tracking

Task Tracking

Plan and prioritize all the tasks you and your team can accomplish together.

decide working days

Decide Working Days

Check if tasks are assigned to team members on weekends and change your calendar view accordingly with a toggle button.

choose calendar view

Choose Calendar View

Decide the calendar view based on monthly or weekly wise so as to get a clear view on the task status and the due dates.

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Automate tasks to make sure your team doesn’t miss critical steps, deliver value faster and spend less time on routine manual work with the automation tool.

visual designer

Visual Designer

Create task flows with an intuitive drag-and-drop flow builder. Customize task flows and build them according to your project needs by adding nodes of your choice.

create workflows

Create Workflows

Utilize automated workflows to create a meaningful flow of actions that are triggered at each necessary stage of the project based on task priority, status, assignees and more.

actions and triggers

Actions and Triggers

Set several triggers and actions for each event using nodes. Using nodes in workflow automation, you can create custom automations.

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Provide the project team with a consolidated view of all data from projects and data analysis that provides valuable insights.

task status

Task Status

Identify the stages through which your tasks may progress. See what's happening with each task. Open and complete task statuses.

task duration

Task Duration

Visually display difference between estimated and actual hours of completing tasks and plan accordingly so that you don't fall behind deadlines.

analytics based on category

Analytics Based on Category

Assess the status of each category and task thoroughly. To accomplish individual tasks, examine the state of each category and task separately.

visualize bottlenecks

Visualize Bottlenecks

Analyze the critical issues within a project. Understand the root cause for the bottlenecks - from resource planning to project timelines.

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Stay connected to remote teams and centralize team communication and keep track of tasks and projects effectively.

view project details

View Project Details

Obtain all necessary project information such as the project owner, the project name, and the list of team members for discussion.

connect and collaborate

Connect and Collaborate

Utilise the discussions feature to communicate with remote teams from one central location.

share files with team

Share Files with Team

Utilize the drag-and-drop feature to share files of all types with your team so that everyone can access them.

use @mentions

Use @mentions

Tag your team members with '@mention' and grab their attention to discuss about their respective tasks.

Find out more about Discussions


Know the progress of tasks by getting real-time information about updates and team discussions.

view activity updates

View Activity Updates

View all the activities or updates made by the team members in terms of tasks or discussions carried out to complete the project on a real-time basis.

activity based on type

Activity Based on Type

View the activities based on tasks like changing the stage of tasks or regarding the discussions by team members like sharing files.

activity based on members

Activity Based on Members

Get the view of activities done by all team members or individual members using the drop down button in the activities section.

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Gmail Extension

Install the Projectsly Gmail extension so you can plan and work on all your projects in one window for Gmail, without opening multiple tabs.

gmail extension
plan from gmail

Plan from Gmail

Manage all your projects, workflows, and schedules with the Projectsly interface integrated with Gmail.

sync data

Sync Data

Keep track of the team's progress without switching between Gmail and Projectsly tabs with automatic sync of data between the two platforms.

collaborate with teams

Collaborate with Teams

Utilize Projectsly's interface to collaborate with your team's work and see if you can meet the deadlines.

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Make the most of the automation tool to ensure your team doesn't overlook critical steps, deliver value faster and spend less time on routine manual work.

create triggers

Create Triggers

Use webhooks to send real-time information embedded in other applications, and trigger them when a change in a project is initiated.

set your own rules

Set Your Own Rules

Use rules to automate tasks like sending triggers when a project is created and updated or when a task is created or updated.

email notifications

Email Notifications

Send notifications to email to your team members whenever updates are made on projects or tasks or when inviting them to a new project.

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Integrate Projectsly's iCalendar with any app you use to plan your tasks easily and manage them from one place.

google calendar sync

Google Calendar Sync

Using the MyCal URL in our software, merge all tasks to your Google Calendar from Projectsly's calendar.

outlook calendar sync

Outlook Calendar Sync

Easily merge your MyCal URL with your Outlook calendar using the instructions in the software.

mac or iphone sync

Mac or iPhone Sync

Pull all tasks assigned from Projectsly's calendar onto your Mac/iPhone and merge them as instructed.

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Project Management

Take control of all of your projects while keeping everyone aligned and fully aware of all tasks and statuses at all times with project management, allowing you to focus on what’s essential to meet deadlines.

project management


Collaborate with your teammates and get work done faster with advanced project management and collaboration features.

file sharing

File Sharing

Share documents, images, screenshots, and much more with just a few clicks.

email notification

Email Notification

Get notified every time any action happens so that you can be on top of any activity.

project templates

Project Templates

Use built-in templates to create projects for your teams and save time.

Find out more about Project Management

Task Management

Schedule and Manage every task for the project team members using details and deadlines to deliver projects on time.

task management
create tasks

Create Tasks

Put tasks on the Kanban board or the to-do list for team members and set priority levels and status levels to make sure tasks get done on time.

import tasks

Import Tasks

Assign tasks to team members from spreadsheets in your preferred format like .csv, .xls, or .xlsx rather than manually creating them.

search activities

Search Activities

Utilize the search bar to quickly gain access to all tasks and activities, such as tasks created, tasks assigned, recently completed tasks, messages received, etc.

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Agile Management

Build fast and launch often using Agile project management methodology. With the ability to include the Agile approach into your projects, your team will be able to accomplish more in less time and focus on continuous improvement.

agile management
kanban view

Kanban View

Drag and drop tasks to different stages and makes changes with the speed of light.

sprint planning

Sprint Planning

Plan your sprints well in advance with robust sprint planning features that help you keep track of all activities.

project iterations

Project Iterations

Manage project iterations for better project management and improved team performance.

Find out more about Agile Management

Project Design

Create a project design for the teams or organizations so that all the goals and timelines are in line with the business goals and standards.

project design
set goals

Set Goals

Establish top-level statements that provide a context for what the project intends to accomplish.

meet objectives

Meet Objectives

List deliverables, assets and other intangible goals like productivity and motivation with project design.

track deliverables

Track Deliverables

Keep a record of all the work you do within your company and also for clients and customers.

draw outcomes

Draw Outcomes

Identify events or changes in behavior or attitudes that illustrate progress toward project objectives.

Find out more about Project Design

Project Planning

Track the progress of tasks in your project with high accuracy. Assess progress against planned goals, and identify issues that may delay the project's completion.

project planning
schedule tasks

Schedule Tasks

Utilize the project planning tool to give your teams a detailed view of the projects and track all tasks.

manage teams

Manage Teams

Organize teams, schedules, and resources, and create the transparency required for project monitoring.

task list

Task List

Use project planning to easily find the information you need, such as due dates, task progress, or assignees.

create gantt charts

Create Gantt Charts

Utilize the visual tool to manage all your tasks and resources in one place.

Find out more about Project Planning


Monitor the project from start to the end. Have the timeline views for the projects visually and collaborate with the teams to complete them on time.

online gantt charts

Online Gantt Charts

Timelines, tasks, dependencies, schedules, and time limits can be translated into horizontal charts with start and finish dates in project scheduling.

select chart view

Select Chart View

Choose the view of the Gantt chart based on Task view or User view. Task view gives the entire view of all tasks of the team and user view gives the individual tasks of a member.

timeline legend

Timeline Legend

Get insights on the sprints based on New, Ongoing or Completed tasks shown as coloured bars on the Gantt chart.

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