iCalendar Sync with Apps

to integrate with other calendar apps

Manage all your tasks from one location easily by integrating Projectsly's iCalendar with the calendar of any app that you work on so as to plan your tasks easily.

iCalendar Sync with Apps

View All Tasks in One Place with iCalendar

Easily integrate our software's iCalendar with the calendar of your routine apps to monitor the tasks seamlessly.

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google calendar

Google Calendar

Get all tasks assigned from Projectsly's iCalendar sync to your Google Calendar using the MyCal URL from our software and merge it as per instructions provided in the software.

outlook calendar

Outlook Calendar

Import Projectsly's iCalendar sync into your Outlook calendar by using our software's MyCal URL, then merged as per the instructions in the software.

mac or iphone

Mac or iPhone

Using the MyCal URL from our software, pull all tasks assigned from Projectsly's iCalendar onto your Mac/iPhone and merge it according to the instructions provided.

What is iCalendar?

A link to another calendar is known as an iCalendar link, or "an iCal." Since the late 1990s, iCal has been an open standard for transferring calendar and scheduling information between people and computers. Almost any calendaring tool you're likely to use supports it. When you share your calendar with others, your calendaring programme will generate an iCal link, even if you never see it. When you share your Outlook calendar, for example, the recipient receives only a button to hit, not a link.

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