Goal Management

to accomplish strategic goals

Create goals, set targets and deadlines, track the status and remind you of your tasks and projects.

Goal Management

Establish Trackable Goals Related To Your Work

Keep track of your task progress automatically. Goal Management helps you to set and track goals.

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trackable goals

Trackable Goals

Create goals and targets with detailed descriptions so that you and your team are aware of everyone's progress.

burndown charts

Burndown Charts

Burndown makes it easier for you to manage tasks and stay on track by reducing the time you spend creating new tasks, recording progress, and sharing updates.

track task status

Track Task Status

Track progress with numerical, monetary, and task targets. Add tasks from different teams into a goal, create weekly targets.

What is Goal Management?

Individual goals can be aligned with the company's business objectives and core values with the help of goal management. It ensures that all employees are working toward the same, similar goals in order to close gaps and stay on track to meet the organization's objectives.

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