Project Activities & Updates

to get real-time project updates

Identify the specific tasks that must be performed in order to complete the project and estimate what resources and time will be required to complete them.

Project Activities & Updates

Get Real-Time Updates on Project Activities

Get all information related to task updates or team discussion on a real-time basis to know the task progress.

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real-time updates

Real-time Updates

View on a real-time basis all the details about the tasks and discussions taken on by the team members to complete the project in the activities section.

task updates

Task Updates

View the activities related to a particular task, such as changing its stage, or viewing the discussions between team members such as sharing files.

team updates

Team Updates

View the activities done by the entire team or an individual member using the drop down menu in the activities section.

What are Project Activities?

Milestone, chunks, or tasks that have multiple sub-tasks are referred to as project activities. In simple terms, project activities are any activities that require the completion of a number of tasks in order to be finished. One of the most important tasks in project planning is defining the project activities that will be necessary to complete the project. This usually entails making an activity list, which is precisely what it sounds like: a list of all the project's actions.

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