Multiple Views for Managing Task

Organize your tasks better

Enhance your team productivity by monitoring your task progress with multiple views - kanban, list, calendar, and gantt.

Multiple Views for Managing Task

Create and Manage Tasks in Multiple Views

Utilize multiple views to monitor your progress with high priority and drag-and-drop functionality.

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kanban view

Kanban View

Visualize all the team tasks with better transparency, making it easy to work on high priority tasks, along with drag-and-drop functionality to move your tasks across categories.

list view

List View

Create and prioritise a list of tasks and responsibilities that need to be completed in an organised manner in list view.

calendar view

Calendar View

View your work on a calendar to quickly identify gaps and overlaps in your schedule and take steps to meet deadlines.

gantt view

Gantt View

Plan out project schedules visually and monitor the current status of each task assigned to team members and map dependencies.

my tasks

My Tasks

Keep track of all the tasks assigned to yourself with just one click to avoid clustering between team tasks.

What is meant by Multiple VIews?

Kanban view, list, calendar, and Gantt views from a dashboard that have multiple sub-tasks are referred to as Multiple views. One of the most important tasks in project planning is managing multiple views to enhance team productivity. Multiple views are the best way to see your project’s big picture at a glance. After all, everyone will understand how their work fits into the project as a whole so they know what happens if they’re late and how it impacts the overall project timeline.

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