What is Task Management?

Get to know about task management and why is it essential in project management.

One of the most important parts of project management is task management. A standard work breakdown structure breaks a job into manageable chunks. These divisions are made up of smaller portions, or tasks, which are made up of subtasks at the most basic level. The core of task management is prioritizing such jobs while adhering to cost and time constraints. The practice of monitoring your project's tasks from start to completion is known as task management. This entails actively making decisions for your tasks in order to accommodate changes that may occur in real-time, with the end aim of successfully completing your duties.

How to Manage Tasks?

Whether you use a basic to-do list or a sophisticated task management application, the most crucial part of task management is prioritizing. According to the findings of PMI's 2017 Global Project Management survey, 37 per cent of executive leaders said "the primary cause of failure of projects in their organization was a lack of clearly defined objectives and milestones to measure progress" and "a lack of discipline when implementing strategy."

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Assume you're behind schedule on a building project, and one of the outstanding chores is a mandatory safety check. Because the conclusion of the inspection will directly impact the future of your project, emphasizing promotional actions for your project at this stage is a waste of time and money. Other questions you should ask yourself frequently during task management include, "Are my tasks being completed on time? Am I remaining under budget? Is the correct individual allocated to this assignment?".

Another intriguing method for job management is to categorize them on a deadline or priority matrix, with "schedule" and "priority" as the axes. With this structure, important work that has to be done right now should be prioritized and scheduled, while necessary work that doesn't need to be done right away should be prioritized but scheduled later. A team often focuses on tasks that contribute to the overall aim of the company. While working in groups typically results in more work being completed, keeping team members on the same page may be tough. Team task management software can assist you in keeping your team linked.

Why is Task Management Essential?

Task management is planning, assessing, evaluating, and reporting on the progress of a certain task. It is an important part of project management since it allows you to properly follow each job. Regardless of the assignment's size or complexity, task management is a must when it comes to finishing a project on time and under budget. To ensure that the task management process is successful and efficient, the project manager must adhere to a schedule that covers all critical components of each job such as status, time, deadline, costs, and allocated resources.

Project management, process management, and assignment management are all operations that are inextricably linked and can have an impact on the project's dynamics. Furthermore, these procedures frequently necessitate the use of specialist project management software in order for project managers to periodically monitor project operations and generate accurate reports. Activity management is important for a variety of purposes, including job prioritization, internal communication, project workflow, project participant performance, and more.

Those in the project management industry, without a doubt, require strong prioritizing abilities. When developing a project plan, project managers must pay close attention to which tasks will be prioritized, since this decision might determine whether a project succeeds or fails. Task prioritizing can be aided by employing project management software with task management capabilities. It has been demonstrated that team members that use a task management tool successfully arrange their working time and split jobs by significance. Communication is a valuable tool that should not be overlooked when the success of a project is at stake.

By practising task and assignment management, it becomes easier to pay attention to the issue of communication, which benefits all project participants. Task management allows for simple two-way communication between team members and project managers. To begin, members of the team connect with their project manager by verifying and reporting on completed or pending tasks. Following that, project managers thoroughly examine the submitted updates and provide feedback on the job completed.

Project managers feel more successful and efficient when they have total control over all aspects of the project. Control over all distinct project tasks and their status is provided by task management. A project management software that includes a task management function allows the responsible manager to see every job detail at a glance, allowing for a quick response in the event that one is required. Overall, management is in favour of continuous project flow. More particular, it provides the ability to constantly be kept up to date on project task aspects such as % of finished and/or uncompleted work, which are critical to follow so that the original timetable is not interrupted and runs organically.

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Needless to mention, assignment management may considerably boost the productivity and effectiveness of the project team. Daily monitoring of project operations encourages team members and project managers to dedicate their full attention to the job at hand. For example, if a certain activity is observed to be dragging down the project schedule or causing inconsistencies in the subsequent activities, the project manager will push project members to be more productive and efficient. As a result, there is a stimulating atmosphere and a drive to deliver more.

Task management for teamwork is extremely beneficial and supportive. It is a procedure that allows project managers to monitor the work of each team member. In addition, if one team member is swamped with work and unable to handle it, the manager might arrange for other team members to step up and provide help to complete the task on time. This improves people's connections by encouraging teamwork and collaboration.


Project managers and team members can benefit from task management. It has been demonstrated that the working environment in which a project management software with task management capabilities is applied is predisposed to success. In fact, team members who manage their jobs receive real-time project status, are constantly evaluated, and gain expertise for future projects. Furthermore, project managers may view the status and percentage of completion of each team member's project tasks and provide feedback and comments on completed work.

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