Gantt Chart for Project Planning

to track tasks visually

Plan, manage and track tasks in a project. Prepare timelines, identify resources, and prioritize the tasks accordingly.

Gantt Chart for Project Planning

Visualize Task Progress with Gantt Chart

Monitor the current status of each task assigned to team members with different color schemes to denote the different statuses.

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time management

Time Management

Enhance the quality of your work by scheduling tasks, tracking project progress, managing deadlines, and handling bottlenecks.

schedule tasks

Schedule Tasks

Schedule & plan your tasks based on priority, status, and assignee-track them through clear coloring options, you'll easily know what's happening and where.

set parameters for tasks

Set Parameters for Tasks

Assign tasks to team members with estimated deadlines and priorities to help guide the team's work.

track tasks

Track Tasks

Visualize and track all team tasks to improve the transparency of your team's work processes-manage all tasks from a single place and meet deadlines.

track dependencies

Track Dependencies

Task dependencies enable users to easily determine what tasks they're waiting for from others, and when they can start executing their own portions of work.

multiple chart views

Multiple Chart Views

Visualise the chart as per your preferred view: Task view gives the status of all the tasks assigned to teams and User view gives the status of tasks of individual members.

share chart

Share Chart

Represent high-level view of the project's performance by sharing gantt charts in the format you wish like JPEG, PNG, SVG or print them in the form of a PDF file

What is Gantt Chart?

A Gantt chart is a graphical representation of a project schedule that is widely utilised in project management. It's a form of bar chart that displays the start and end dates of project elements including resources, planning, and dependencies. In project management, the Gantt chart is the most often used chart. These diagrams are useful for organising a project and determining the order in which tasks must be completed. The chart is typically displayed as a horizontal bar chart of different colors, where you can track the progress of your project tasks and see if your team can meet deadlines. Learn more: What is a Gantt chart?

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