Project Management for Developers

Integrate seamlessly into any platforms with simple API calls. Sync your data into anywhere and manage projects at ease.

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Keep track of all tasks and projects more effectively by visualizing and managing the work of teams.

API Keys to Integrate Project Management Into Your Platform

Find the right API call that matches to your needs among the following. All the APIs to enhance your growth.

Gives Projectsly Members' Details


Gives the related information to a particular Projectly App member using the above API key.

Create New Project


Easily creates a new project in the application used by our Projectsly API key.

Update the Project


All you need to do is avail our Projectsly API key and get updates on the existing project details in the application.

Delete the Project


Our Projectsly API key helps you delete the project in the application.

Gives the Information of Existing Projects


Gives the information related to all the existing projects in the application with the help of Projectsly API key.

Create a New Group


Easily creating new group options is here for you to enhance under the preferred project in the application with integration of our API key.

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