task management software for increased productivity

Task Management

for improved collabration

Task management software for growing teams to assign, prioritize, and collaborate on all projects from a centralized location. Part of 500apps Infinity suite.

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Keep your tasks organized in one location

Manage your tasks from a centralized location to collaborate better and increase productivity.

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task monitoring

Task monitoring

Make your teams focus on the most importance tasks and priortiize accordingly to increase productivity.

visual planning

Visual planning

View tasks and estimated hours in a timeline view to get a visual status of your project. Get list and detailed view to analyze project status to make planning better.



Let your teams communicate on each tasks and update statuses so that everyone is on the same page and take projects to accomplishment with ease.

progressive customization

Progressive customization

Customize your projects with custom fields that let you track, sort, and filter tasks, and more functionalities.

automated notifications

Automated notifications

Instantly notify users of new tasks and assigned tasks so that nothing out of notice and your team can start working on important projects immediately.

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