Project Calendar & Planner

to set clear direction and priorities

Plan, manage and monitor the resources of both employees and equipment. Identify how resources are being utilized, which resources are available, and when they will be used.

Project Calendar & Planner

Hit Your Deadlines with Project Calendar

View all the tasks assigned to team members on specific days and assess if the team could meet the deadline.

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set parameters for tasks

Set Parameters for Tasks

Assign tasks to team members with priority and estimated hours to help guide and set expectations for the team's workflow.

task tracking

Task Tracking

Organize and prioritize every task or item that you and your team can handle. Track and manage tasks within the context of bigger projects with project calendar.

multi calender view

Multi Calender View

Change the calendar view based on the month-wise or week-wise organisation of tasks, making it easy for the team to track them.

calender integration

Calender Integration

Integrate Projectsly with your daily calendars such as google calendar, outlook calendar, and Mac or iPhone calendar to keep track of all the tasks easily.

What is Project Calendar?

The project calendar identifies working and non-working days, as well as activity periods. This calendar usually represents the company's standard operating hours. Project calendars are useful for planning tasks for the next month, quarter, or year. The project manager typically uses the project calendar to better organise time for the team to execute tasks. It visualises each member's tasks in order to assign precise work responsibilities. As a result, it is reasonable for maintaining transparency throughout the process and handy for analysing job responsibility and performance down to the individual level. Learn more: What is project calendar?

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