Kanban Board for Team Tasks

to create & organize tasks visually

Understand your workflow more clearly by visualizing it. Make it easier for teams to stay on top of all tasks and projects by organizing and managing work more efficiently.

Kanban Board for Team Tasks

Create Tasks & Workflows with Kanban Board

Keep track of tasks through each stage of the work process like sticky notes. Make your work processes more transparent with boards.

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create categories & tasks

Create Categories & Tasks

List all tasks under a specific category, organize them on the Kanban board by category, and assign due dates, statuses, and priority levels.

set parameters for tasks

Set Parameters for Tasks

Identify tasks for team members and assign them with priorities and estimated hours to guide and set expectations.

drag-and-drop boards

Drag-and-drop Boards

Easily drag and drop tasks into specific boards with Kanban board to update the status of all tasks in categories. Create a new category so the tasks can be assigned a new status.

group and sort tasks

Group and Sort Tasks

Sort your categories based on Status, Priority, and Due Date to get a clear view of what you need to do.

What is Kanban Board?

A kanban board is a flexible project management tool for visualising work, limiting work-in-progress, and increasing productivity (or flow). It can assist agile and DevOps teams in establishing order in their day-to-day operations. To-Do, Doing, and Done items can all be included on a basic board. Columns for further processes in your workflow can also be added. When assessing whether Kanban board is the proper project management style for your team, the visual aspect of Kanban provides distinct value. Learn more: What is a Kanban board?

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