Recent research on Project management indicates that 35% of project managers use MS Excel to build resource plans, whereas only 29% complete the projects on time. Managers who opt for project management software have 77% high-performing projects.

If you are a manager or small business owner struggling to plan, track, and schedule resources for your team using MS Excel, you should move to project management solutions. Some popular project management solutions include agile project management, notion project management etc If you are aware of these software solutions but are confused about which is the best option that suits your business needs, this article helps with a comparison of two popular solutions. Read ahead to learn the benefits of using instead of Notion for project management.

Projectsly Vs. Notion?

Notion project management is a tool to track, plan, and do all your work in one place that allows working with a project roadmap across teams and time zones. It combines docs, notes, wikis, and project management in one workspace. It is a great productivity tool that consolidates all the tasks, saves time, and harbors productivity for all team sizes.

Projectsly is a project management tool suitable for the project management plan, helps to create unlimited projects, powerful automation, and helps in team collaboration.

Both software differs in the following pointers:

  • Software Deployment

Notion project management is available as a cloud, Saas, and web-based platform. In addition, you can deploy on Desktop- Mac, and Windows, also download apps on Mobile- Android, iPhone, and iPad. has an on-premise solution for Windows and supports Desktop versions in Linux and Chromebook that are missing in Notion. Like Notion, Projectsly also supports deployment in desktop- MAC and Windows. However, it also offers cloud-based services.

  • Support

Notion offers support during business hours and email or chats for queries, whereas Projectsly has a 24/5 live support feature.

  • Integration

Notion allows a dozen integrations but does not have a hybrid social integration like Projectsly.

  • Price


Notion project management has different plans for individuals, teams, and enterprises. Pricing starts from $4 for individuals with more than five guests and 5MB file uploads but is devoid of a collaborative workspace. They charge $8 for teams with version history limitations of up to 30 days and limited security controls. You need to contact the sales team to know the pricing for an enterprise solution that houses all the features, security, and support. Projectsly has one price for solopreneurs, small/large teams, or enterprises with all collaborative features and supports intact at $14.99.

How Can Projectsly Serve Better Than Notion for Project Management? can serve better than Notion in the following ways:

  • Notion lacks robust features like time tracking and makes it challenging to keep track of projects and deadlines in one design. However, Projectsly has a dedicated time-tracking interface with Clockly that makes employee monitoring and progress tracking easier.

  • Projectsly has a modern layout with easy navigation, whereas Notion is wiki-like and follows a block model making it hard to format multiple blocks.

  • Setting up time is long in Notion Project management. With Projectsly, you can set up a workspace quickly.

  • Although Notion provides collaboration features, it needs improvement in commenting, navigating, and dealing with resolved comments. Projectsly, on the other hand, enables real-time collaboration at ease and offers ‘@’ mention to get the team's attention.

Setting up Your Workspace In

Setting up a workspace on projectsly is easy and can be done in three steps- Signup in, log in and enter project details. You can import your task from a spreadsheet in file formats like .csv, .xls, and .xlsx and assign it to your teams. You can create multiple projects parallelly with in-built colors and icons. Moreover, you can also add appropriate descriptions for each task.

Creating and Using Templates In Projectsly

To create new projects, use pre-populated templates of Projectsly for planning. Using templates in projectsly gives you a heads-up that you need not begin from scratch every time. Notion focuses on task management, but to resolve project dependencies and streamline planning, you should use the project management plan template of Projectsly.

Notion and Collaboration Vs projectsly Collaboration

Notion project management has many collaboration options like meeting notes, documents, and assignments. In addition, it also connects the workspace with channels like Slack. They use link previews for collaborating and managing projects but take time to set up team collaboration. has additional collaboration features like reminders, notifications, task comments and file sharing.

Notion Vs Projectsly Integrations

With Notion, you can connect to several integrations (like Slack, Jira, GitHub, Google Drive, and Dropbox) as it supports but does not allow direct integrations with Outlook/ Gmail. You can add tweets, videos, and prototypes in block form. Additionally, you can code and connect with other apps with their API.

Projectsly has an in-built time-tracking integration to track, monitor, and boost productivity. It has a Gmail extension feature that allows you to integrate with Gmail to manage tasks, workflows, work schedules, and much more. This way, you can collaborate with people inside and outside your business.


To Wrap Things up on How projectsly is Better Compared to Notion

Projectsly is a go-to option to set up dashboards in minutes, plan and manage recurring tasks for a long time, and collaborate with team and outside stakeholders. You can build custom dashboards, track metrics, and download charts on The modern layout, dedicated time tracking integration, and collaboration features like notifications and reminders make projectsly better in project management than Notion.

As such there are an endless ensemble of fine project management tools like asana project management, Jira project management, Microsoft project management along with some cited above , but largely choice of these depends on the nature of our project needs.

Notion project management is a great tool for organizing tasks, running simple projects, and collaborating on tasks. However, if you want to deal with functionalities like planning, monitoring, tracking time, and collaborating inside and outside organizations, Projectsly. is an ideal choice. You can visit the 500apps website to learn about the in-built features of projectsly.

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