Are you a manager struggling to find a proper tool for planning and scheduling tasks for the entire team and often ending up with poor productivity and weak project management? Online project management software can be your saviour as it aligns a unified workspace where you can organize, schedule, manage, hold discussions, receive feedback, and measure overall productivity. According to management statistics, a manager can save 153 hours yearly using project management software.

Many managers are shifting to project management software to reap its benefits. A Study reveals that the project management software market is estimated to reach $9.81 billion by 2026. With many competitors in the race, there is a need to adopt appropriate project management software that fits your goals. Some options to consider are Trello project management and many others.

This article will provide a comprehensive view of ClickUp Project Management and Projectsly and guide you in choosing the right fit for your business needs.


What is ClickUp Project Management ?

ClickUp Project Management is an online project management tool that offers a single platform to organize projects, collaborate with teams, and track goals and progress. It allows modularity in the form of add-ons called ClickApps for team customizations.

They offer custom templates, connect apps to your workflow, put your mundane tasks on autopilot and allow you to view hierarchy. They fit small and large business types and provide one solution for all your work- Tasks, Docs, Chat, Goals, etc.

What is Projectsly?

Projectsly is a project management tool from 500Apps that allows teams to centralize planning and project execution. They help you execute your project from start to finish with different features. Software is free for ten users and costs $14.99 for an entire suite of 39 apps.

It provides multiple functionalities such as a Gantt chart, multiple views, unlimited projects, time tracking integration, and workflow automation. The collaboration, task delegation, and productivity measurement features make it competitive with other software alternatives.

Indeed, some other project management tools that offer such features, like Wrike project management, Smartsheet project management could hardly come in comparison when it comes to quality of service & agility with tools that need special feature load.

A Comprehensive Comparison of ClickUp Project Management and Projectsly

  • ClickUp striking features include a customizable interface for any business size, native time tracking, and integrations without visual planning and project iterations.

  • Projectsly's intuitive features include better project planning from start to finish with real-time collaboration and visual planning functionality. Also, actionable analytics to monitor the project status and download custom reports.

  • Projectsly allows project iterations to plan, execute, and deliver your goals and tasks structurally. You can break down your tasks and sprints with agile project management and keep your team motivated and productive. ClickUp Project Management has agile dashboards and offers sprint management, but does not have project iterations.

  • ClickUp offers a free version with many priced versions starting at $5, while Projectsly charges $14.99 for an all-in-one business suite (39 apps) with a free trial.

  • ClickUp supports web-based and mobile-based platforms. Also, the desktop version runs in MAC, Windows and Linux operating systems. Projectsly is a web-based platform not available in iPhone/ Android apps. The desktop version is available for MAC, Windows, Linux and Chromebook operating systems. It also supports an on-premise solution on Windows, unavailable in ClickUp Project Management.

Similar features of ClickUp Project Management and Projectsly are Planning/scheduling, Automation, Dashboard/Analytics, Kanban board and Gantt charts, Sprint planning and Agile reports, Chrome extension, and Personalized onboarding.

ClickUp vs Projectsly: Key Differences

  • ClickUp lacks a visual planning feature to create, track, and organize projects. Projectsly does visual planning and helps you manage projects effortlessly.

  • ClickUp does not have an on-premise solution, but it is possible with Projectsly. Projectsly does not support mobile apps compared to ClickUp Project Management.

  • The user interface of ClickUp Project Management is difficult for beginners and non-tech users because, often, you get lost amid ClickApps, Dashboard widgets, and sprint lists, but Projectsly provides an easy-to-use interface for project management.

ClickUp Project management offers five different pricing options as follows:

  1. Free version for personal use- Has a limitation on storage, allows up to 100MB storage.

  2. Unlimited version (for small teams)- Starts at $5 per month per member, misses on advanced dashboards and automation.

  3. The business version (for a mid-sized team)- Price starts at $12 per month but lacks priority support and customizations.

  4. Business Plus (for multiple teams)- The price starts at $19 per month for each member.

  5. Enterprise version (for large teams)- To get a price estimate, you should contact the sales team.


Projectsly offers a suite of 39 apps for small, medium, and large business teams at $14.99, free for ten users.

  • User interface

Although ClickUp Project Management has robust features like Gantt Views, Kanban boards, and time tracking, UI/UX elements are complicated and not user-friendly. For instance, navigation to track previous tasks is difficult. Their user interface can be overwhelming for non-tech users. With Projectsly, you can create project workflows using a drag-and-drop interface, which offers simplicity and flexibility for users. Projectsly is easy to navigate across the dashboard and to plan and assign tasks to teams due to the Kanban board and other features.

  • Ease of Use

Projectsly is easy to use as it connects all projects in one place, syncs automatically for all the team members, and provides editing options for all the team members. Data indicates that Projectsly has a higher rating than ClickUp Project Management for ease of use.

  • Supported Browsers

You can use ClickUp Project Management from any browser on desktop and mobile to manage your tasks. Projectsly supports browsers on desktops and Chromebooks.

The final keynote is to understand that many applications of project management, like Notion project management, seem to need a significant advancement & adaptiveness when compared to Projectsly and hence we may be more oriented to a better adept project management system weighing all logical features.

Summing It Up

ClickUp project management and Projectsly have intuitive features, but with Projectsly, you can assign resources with ease. As a project manager, you can meet your client's requirements, easily manage your business operations, and achieve the best results.

Projectsly enables you to coordinate cross-functional tasks and centralize projects, schedules, and feedback. Project planning at Projectsly follows an agile methodology for successful project completion.

Increase your team's productivity and overall performance by using Projectsly today. To know more about how to set up a workspace, plan and delegate tasks and collaborate, visit the 500Apps website now.

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