According to the survey reports, the demand for project management software is growing by 10.6%. Respondents in a study indicate that 77% of high-performing tools use project management tools to track and monitor project outcomes. If you are a manager or a solopreneur looking forward to implementing software, you should consider widespread online project management software solutions.

Some popular agile tools are Trello project management, Projectsly, and many such tools for an effective project management function. This article will give you a comparison of Kanban Project Management Tool and Projectsly.

What Is Kanban Project Management Tool?

Kanban Project Management Tool tool is a visual management solution available online and on-premise for seamless time tracking for your business. They visualize workflows, provide Kanban boards and cards, allow real-time collaboration, and offer integrations, analytics, and reporting.

Some insightful features of the Kanban Project Management Tool project management are as follows:

  • Kanban boards with swimlanes and columns to view and edit your project in one place.

  • Kanban cards to assign and link tasks

  • Real-time collaboration with notifications and user groups

  • Top application security and reliability.

  • Power up feature to auto-assign tasks, change font size, and a start/stop timer.

  • Advanced reports, metrics, and analytics

  • Mobile apps and integrations


What is Projectsly?

Among Some of the finest project management tools that we have on the market , like notion project management , offer specific features for working on our daily process and some specific tools for special needs, like Monday Project Management, stand out in its wholistic feature rich approach . Projectsly is an online project management software with multiple views, activity timelines, goal monitoring, automation and integration to aid your project from start to finish. You can plan projects, collaborate with team members, and execute tasks with Projectsly. Powerful features of Projectsly to enhance your team's productivity are:

  • An all-in-one project management with a Kanban task management feature

  • Visual workflow builder and Gantt project planner

  • Assignee time tracking integration

  • Offers real-time activity tracking.

  • Goal management with burndown charts

  • Productivity status reports and downloadable charts

  • Project planning from the Gmail Extension

  • Remote collaboration with team members

How Do Kanban Project Management Tools And Projectsly Compare?

You can compare project management solutions here. Projectsly and Kanban Project Management Tool by the below factors:

  • Price

Kanban Project Management Tool software has three prices $0 per person per month with two boards and two users, Team Plan for $5 per person/month with unlimited boards and file attachments, and Enterprise plan for $9 per person/month with many features. All the plans include real-time board updates and advanced Kanban board analytics. It offers a 14-day free trial for all users.

Projectsly offers an infinity suite (39+ apps) at $14.99 with free charges for ten users.

  • Project Size

Kanbanl project management software is ideal for small and large businesses, whereas offers an easy-to-use interface for freelancers and small businesses to plan and execute their projects without starting from scratch altogether.

  • Timeline View

The cumulative flow diagram of the Kanban Project Management Tool shows the work distribution with graphical illustrations. However, they do not have a Gantt/Timeline view where gives a heads-up to monitor task progress with Kanban, list, calendar, and Gantt views.

  • Supported Platforms

Kanban Project Management Tool allows deployment in Cloud, Saas, Web, Desktop- MAC, Windows and On-premise-Windows and Linux, and Mobile- Android, iPhone, iPad. Projectsly does not have a mobile app but supports deployment on Desktop-MAC, Windows, Linux, Chromebook, and On-premise-Windows.

  • Personalized Onboarding

With Projectsly, you can book a demo to get personalized onboarding, a feature missing in Kanban Project Management Tool software.

  • Support

Kanban Project Management Tool offers chat support, a knowledge base, and an email/helpdesk but does not have a phone or 24/5 live support. Projectsly provides phone support, 24/5 (live rep), FAQs/forums, email/helpdesk, and chat.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Kanban Project Management Tool?

  • A realistic working atmosphere to organize your tasks and track progress with real-time updates.

  • It has an advanced analytical and reporting system to analyze past data and decide whether team members can complete a project. Also, it displays data in graphs, illustrations, charts or diagrams as the user wishes.

  • Kanban Project Management Tool Project management software offers easy integration and a document-sharing facility (due to cloud storage).

  • Power-ups are available for developer tools.

  • A custom kanban board to monitor results and identify improvement opportunities.

  • Collaboration features of Kanban Project Management Tool Project management software can send alerts and notifications.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Projectsly?

  • A simple, intuitive tool with Gantt charts to plan projects and sprints, streamline tasks, and automate workflows.

  • Projectsly offers an all-in-one business suite at $14.99, where you can get 39+ apps with a free option for ten users.

  • It has a personalized onboarding tool that gives a demo for all users.

  • With Projectsly, you can attach supporting documents in the same window and share them across your team effortlessly.

  • It offers time-tracking integrations with Clockly and Gmail extensions to manage projects from your inbox.

  • Projectsly allows active communication and collaboration within the team and with external project stakeholders.

  • Projectsly supports multiple chart views to track projects and the task status of individual team members.

  • With Projectsly, you can enhance risk mitigation strategies, deploy countermeasures, and improve team efficiency and productivity.


Which Is The Better Option For Small Businesses?

Projectsly has a user-friendly interface that offers project templates, removing the necessity of creating them from scratch. The intuitive features of Projectsly, like workflow automation, easy file documentation and sharing, proper resource alignment, Gantt charts, multiple views, Gmail extension and time-tracking integrations, task scheduling, and time management, make it a better option for small businesses.

Summing It Up

Kanban Project Management Tool has a unique board design and customizable card templates available in all major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge. Real-time collaborations, email notifications, integrations, analytics, and reports make them stand out from their competitors. However, the availability of phone support, FAQ/Forums, timeline views, and personal onboarding tools makes Projectsly one step ahead of Kanban Project Management Tool.

This article has given an in-depth analysis of Projectsly and Kanban Project Management Tool to help you understand the benefits and differences of each software. You can choose the appropriate software alternative depending on your project size, preferred deployment mode, and features. For improved task delegation, productivity, and good collaboration features, select Projectsly for your business today. Visit the 500Apps website to gain insight into Projectsly project management software and book a demo today.

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