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Plan, create and assign tasks to team with Kanban board, list and calendar, and track them using Gantt chart to hit deadlines. Gauge progress of all tasks by getting insights from dashboard and render automation to create triggers for all project updates.

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All-in-One Project Management Software

Unlimited projects, calendar view, kanban view, file management, email integration and communication with team from anywhere

Powerful Automation

Minimize your routine workload by using the powerful automation to complete project goals at a lightning speed

Access Projectsly within Gmail

Access all your project management features at once place with in Gmail by using our Projectsly Chrome extension

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Project Management at Its Best

Manage your projects at the highest level for maximum productivity

Kanban Board

Kanban Board

Visualize Task Flow from One Place

Keep track of tasks through each stage of the work process like sticky notes. Make your work processes more transparent with boards.

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Build To-do Lists & Prioritize Tasks

Create and prioritize the list of tasks and responsibilities that need to be performed in an organized way with list view.

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Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart

Visually Connect Tasks and Deadlines

Use bar charts to monitor the current status of each task assigned to team members with different color schemes to denote the different statuses.

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View Team's Tasks in One Place

View all the tasks assigned to team members on specific days and assess if the team could meet the deadline.

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Track Progress and Stay on Schedule

Get the overview of all the tasks planned in your project with Gantt chart on timeline to keep the team on track and to meet the deadlines.

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Get Real-time Insights on Task Status

Get visual representation of a project's status, insights, and data points from all angles to gauge progress across teams and projects.

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Streamline Processes from Routine Work

Save time for routine, set template and get automated email notification.

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Hassle-free Remote Work Management

Connect with teams remotely and organize your tasks to help you be on top of all tasks and projects.

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Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension

Project management from Gmail

Incorporate Projectsly with Gmail and manage all your tasks, workflows, work schedules, and a lot more.

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Break down big work packages

Breaks Down Big Work Packages With Project Activities

Learn more about Activities

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Trusted by 30000+ active users.

4 stars rating
1000+ reviews - TrustScore 4.9 out of 5
Great Platform for a proper organised B2B and B2C experience with ease.

Jonathan Pimento

5 stars rating
When you learn to navigate through it, it's a pretty good software.

Giovanna Pergher

5 stars rating
I had a question about how to make the most of a campaign, and was helped in a very kind and gracious way. I learned something new.

DNP Inc.

5 stars rating
Love this Responsive and very helpful support team. Great price and brilliant features

Nic Jude

5 stars rating

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