Project planning, as the name suggests, is a systematic and organized way of dealing with projects. In business, entrepreneurs and managers come with a plethora of plans to achieve goals, and Project planning refers to the process of putting these plans into practice. In other words, it involves the practical steps involved in implementing a plan and changing it from a theoretical concept into a tangible outcome.

In business, Project planning is one of the most crucial tasks when it comes to achieving goals. Proper planning entails coming up with the costs, resources required and steps needed to achieve the project, including the time schedule for it. It also includes determining the risks of the project and the contingency plans to manage those risks. Suffice it to say, Project planning involves a ton of work, and without a reliable system to manage the work, failures are bound to creep in.

In fact, according to a report by KPMG, almost 70% of organizations have had at least one project failure over the past 12 months. 50% of the respondents apparently said that their projects failed due to a lack of consistency in processes. As a result of these experiences, more and more companies have started realizing the value of a good project management system. As per a GetApp Lab report, around 56% of project managers use some kind of project management tool on a daily basis. And 95% of them are willing to spend more on project management software, including for any missing features.

Clearly, project management is no longer an “option” for managers. Considering the possible influx of projects in the upcoming months when businesses recover from the aftermath of COVID – 19, project management software is a worthy investment. However, there are hundreds of project management solutions in the market today. Choosing one system out of a hundred similar ones competing to be the best, can be an overwhelming and confusing task for you.

So how do you find the best Project Planning Tool for your business?

7 Step Guide to Find the Best Project Planning Tool

Here are the 7 steps that will help you narrow down and pick an option.

1. Evaluate the Needs

The very first step is evaluation. Before you move further ahead, you’ve got to sit down and think through your business processes and workflows. Think about the main business processes, jobs and functions that you are looking to manage with the help of the Project Planning Tool. Also, think about some of the main concerns that you face as a team – is there a lack of coordination? Are there communication gaps? Do you have trouble tracking progress and expenses?

This way you need to achieve clarity in terms of what your current situation is and what exactly you are looking to get addressed with the new software. You can also talk to your team members to see what changes they think they’d do better with.

Proper evaluation of your business processes, workflows and project requirements will possibly reveal gaps and shortcomings in the system. Now if your team is relatively small and if your problem lies in the proper management of individual processes, you probably don’t need a full-blown Project Planning Tool. You may need just a task management solution or something less comprehensive.

However, if you have been having trouble managing your team and being consistent in your efforts towards achieving business goals, then you are best off with a Project Planning solution.

Projectsly is one of the best Project Planning Tool software solutions that you can consider. It comes with the most useful features that allow you to create and manage projects easily from a single place. It improves team communication immensely and as a result removes ambiguities, letting you get more work done in much less time.

The American Management Association recently conducted a workshop on project management, where you get to learn more about the tools and techniques needed throughout the life cycle of a project. You can probably make use of the workshop to study your requirements further.

What Makes the Best Project Management Software?
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